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MI.GE-1005.D Dry Sieve Test Apparatus (Apparent Opening Size (AOS)
The test involves sieving rounded particle sizes for which 5% or less by weight pass through the geotextile. The Apparent Opening Size (AOS) is defined as ‘Retained On’ size of that fraction expressed as a standard sieve number (size). The test is widely used for relative comparison among the geotextiles. Thus AOS is a means of correlating geotextile pore structure to an equivalent screen mesh size. The apparatus consist of a 20 cm dia brass frame with clamp, a receiver and a lid Dry Sieve Test Apparatus.

The apparatus comprises a sieving unit, which allows testing of a specimen with an exposed sieving area Corresponding having 148 mm diameter with a supported Grid of 1.2 mm diameter and mesh size of (10±1)mm to support the specimen during the test to avoid excessive deformation having the nozzle for discharge of water Fixing on the acrylic sheet cover for viewing the sample during test. The complete set is provided with the pan which has the drain nozzle for collate the water after test.

MI.GE-1005001 Sieve Shaker Table top type
To make the process of sieving easier and quicker, electrically operated mechanical table top type sieve shakers are offered for dry sieving. These Sieve Shakers are popularly used not only in soil laboratories but also dry sieving the geotextile testing.

MI.GE-1005001.02 Sieve Shaker Electromagnetic Type
ELECTROMAGNETIC SIEVE SHAKER, MICRO CONTROLLER BASED, which have been developed applying the latest technological advances of power control. The unit has been designed for user-friendly operation and supports a menu driven 20 x 3 characters LCD display. The unit is robustly built and can be used in laboratories or on site. It is compact and portable.

The instrument is powered by an electromagnetic drive which has no rotating parts to wear making it maintenance free and extremely quiet in operation. The movement is tr i-dimensional combining a vertical movement of variable amplitude and rotation causing the material to be shifted over the sieve in a unique way producing faster and more efficient sieving.

The sieve shakers micro controller is used to set both the process time from 1 min to 99 min and the amplitude from 0.5 to 3.5. The unit has 3 modes of operation – Continuous, Intermittent. & ADVANCE. Advance mode vibration improves performance and helps to clear blocked apertures.

MI.GE-1005002 Glass Beads
The Beads of the following size is available in One Kg pack
  • Rounded Beads, made of glass, size 0.85 mm (passing 1 mm and retained at 0.85 mm)
  • Rounded Beads, made of glass, size 0.425 mm (passing 0.85 mm and retained at 0.425 mm)
  • Rounded Beads, made of glass, size 0.25 mm (passing 0.425 mm and retained at 0.25 mm)
  • Rounded Beads, made of glass, size 0.18 mm (passing 0.25 mm and retained at 0.18 mm)
  • Rounded Beads, made of glass, size 0.15 mm (passing 0.18 mm and retained at 0.15 mm)
  • Rounded Beads, made of glass, size 0.075 mm (passing 0.15 mm and retained at 0.075 mm)

MI.GE-1005003 Water Supply System
The apparatus is specially design as per BS ISO-12956. It will supply water flow of 0.1 to 0.5 liter per minute. It provides the flow control valve which can control the water flow. It is specially arrange to produce of 300 KPA pressure of water at 0.5 liter/minute. Working voltage is 110 to 220 is 50/60/ HZ