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MI.GE-1001 Thickness Gauge for geotextile
Thickness Gauge for Geotextile as per ASTM D-5199 with having facility for testing 20 and 200 KPA load on sample with pressure head of 6.35mm and 10 mm, having dead weight type testing.

MI.GE-1002 Cone Drop Test Apparatus
Meets: - EN-ISO-13433-2006, BS6906: Part 6
Method to determine the resistance of geosynthetics to penetration by steel cone dropped from a fixed height, as a simulation of dropping sharp stones on their surface. Generally applicable to all geosynthetics. However, the test principle may not be applicable to some types of products. The specimen is clamped between two steel rings. A steel cone (45° tip angle, 1000 g) is dropped from a height of 500 mm onto the centre of the specimen. The degree of penetration is measured by insertion of a graduated cone into the hole.

Note: - Electrically cone release facility also available

MI.GE-1003 Cross Permeability Test Apparatus
Permeability of a geotextile must be substantially greater than that of the protected soil, so that water can pass freely from the soil through the fabric without build up of hydrostatic pressure. A high value of the permeability of the geotextile also infers that partial clogging will not reduce the permeability. The constant head test is carried out using a head of 50 mm of water.

Essential Accessories
Overhead Tank
Loading unit, 300-kPa capacity
Cross Permeability Apparatus

MI.GE-1004 Permittivity Tester
Meets: - ASTM- D 4491 - 99a, IS-14324
These test methods cover procedures for determining the hydraulic conductivity (water permeability) of geotextiles in terms of permittivity under standard testing conditions, in the uncompressed state. Included are two procedures: the constant head method and the falling head method.

In Constant Head Test:- A head of 50 mm water is maintained on the geotextile throughout the test. The quantity of flow is measured versus time. The constant head test is used when the flow rate of water through the geotextile is so large that it is difficult to obtain readings of head change versus time in the falling head test.

In Falling Head Test:- A column of water is allowed to flow through the geotextile and reading of head changes versus time is taken. The flow rate of water through the geotextile shall be slow enough to obtain accurate readings.

MI.GE-1004I Water Permeability (Constant Head)
These test methods cover procedures for determining the hydraulic conductivity (water permeability) of geotextiles under standard testing conditions, in the uncompressed state. The system analyzes the rate of water flow through the specimen as a function by means of a two cylinder- system.

Measurement results are presented on the scale numerically, which is the velocity at a hydraulic height difference of 50 mm.

MI.GE-1004.1 Deaired Apparatus
De-Aired Tank is designed to remove dissolved gasses from ordinary clean water. The apparatus consists of an acrylic closed cylinder having complete tank capacity of 20 Liter, which is connected to vacuum pump provided. On the top one 50 MM diameter vacuum gauge is provided for check the vacuum of the water. The time controlled by PID controller.

Capacity : -20 liter
  • Quickly and efficiently reduces the dissolved oxygen content in test water.
  • Provided with vacuum Gauge
  • Corrosion resistant cylindrical chamber made of Acrylic material.
  • Vacuum Pump () Having and can create of vacuum
  • Vacuum Pump Water Vapor Trap.